£10 per hour

Inclusive of studio, props, outfits, studio equipment, and setup assistance.

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S T U D I O   E Q U I P M E N T

On this page you will find details of the equipment that is available at Libre Studio when you make a booking.

All use of equipment is included in the £10 per hour studio hire price.

There is a list of the background papers that are currently available further down this page as well.

When you make a studio enquiry you can always let us know what equiptment you would like to use on the day, and which background colour yo would like to start with. That way we can set the studio up reafy for your arrival.

You can always change your mind when you are here, and change things around during the photoshoot.

Please note that the equipment list can be subject to change at any time.

F L A S H   H E A D S:

2  x   Bowens Gemini 500r

1  x   Bowens Xe400

1  x    PROLINCA 2500

1  x    PROLINCA 250

3 x Stands

1 x 1680 Softbox

1 x 100cm square softbox

1 x 90 cm Umbrella

1x Wide Refector

Pulsar Tx Kit

2 x YN560-TX Yongnuo trigger

Bowens 90cm Octobox

60cm Beauty dish (with grid)

4 x Nikon yongnuo receivers.

1 x small white shoot through Umbrella
Lead cable trigger for the Bowens Studio Light
Background Paper 2.72 metre wide:
Paper rolls: Arctic White, Black, Aqua blue, Charcoal grey, burgandy red, cheastnut brown, peat brown, rose pink, spruce green.