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MARCH 24TH & 25TH 2018

Other great Woolton Hall Event has just come to a close this weekend and what a fabulous turnout. The weather is slowly getting warmer now, thankfully :) , and this weekend with the sun shining the whole time, it really felt like Spring is here.

We were really lucky to have Gabby Monet join the event again this month, (this is a link to her instagram GABBY'S INSTAGRAM ), and she brought a whole clothes rail of amazing outfits, thank you Gabby.

Continuing forward I will always bring a clothes rail of outfits to the event now, this will be available for models to use on either day, and hopefully help if anyone is struggling to find clothes to bring with them.

The next event is on the 5th and 6th of May, and due to the amount of interest, places are available now. Please just get in contact if you would like to book one of the limited spaces.

This is also a link to the list of available spaces:

Underneath is a link to the full list of everyone who attended the Woolton Hall Event on the 25th and 26th of March:


Photography by Chad Anthony:

Photography by Andy Forster:

Photography by Andy Forster:

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Book Your Place:

To book and secure your place at the next Woolton Hall Event, simply click the relevant box below:


Photographers      -     £25.00

Models                   -     £7.50

MUAs                     -     £5.00    (refundable deposit)

Extra person          -    £4.00

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