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This event was setup in July 2016, as a way of bringing photographers, make up artists and models together, to meet and work with each other. Instead of a standard, normal setting for the event, we choose to use Woolton Hall as the location. Woolton Hall is a derelict mansion, with three floors and a basement, it is an amazing location because not only has it got that very derelict feel to it, which is great for photography, but there's still lots of furniture in there as well, which is great for creating some magical sets.

The event is aimed at people of all levels of experience, and we are keen to give everyone a fair equal opportunity of being involved.

Its a wonderful way of meeting and working with new people in the industry, and creating some exciting images for everyone to use in their portfolio's. 



The day starts at 9am and goes on until 4pm.

We are let into the venue by a caretaker, who then leaves us to it for the day - it is very impotant that everyone arrives as close to 9am as possible, if there are any delays or issues, there is scope to arrive at the very latest up until 10am.

However the gates will be closed at 10am.

There is parking right outside the house, and when you are fully booked in, you will recieve a picture of the entrance gates, so you know what to look for on arrival.

We provide a hot and cold buffett, throughout the day, and as many teas and coffee's as you need throughout as well, but its always a good idea to bring some of your own food with you to.



Its important to repeat that places for the event become available in this way:

For every 3 models that book and pay, 2 photographer spaces will become available. 

Capacity for each day is 15 models, 10 photographers, and 4 MUAs, and places are booked on a first come first serve basis.

- places are confirmed and secured by payment only.



We are keen to keep prices as low as possible for this event, to make it as accessible and affordable for everyone to attend:

Prices are:

PHOTOGRAPHERS       -      £25.00

MODELS                        -      £7.50

MAKE UP ARTISTS        -      £5.00 (this is a deposit to secure your place, which is returned on the day)

(Places are confirmed and secured by payment)




Everyone will arrive at 9am and we will start getting models into hair and make up straight away, this will give all photographers about 30 minutes to 1 hour to look round the house and decide on good locations, set up equiptment etc.


The middle floor and the top floor have a lot of good rooms that work well shooting natural light, which is what a lot of people have done on past events.

There is no lighting provided, so we highly advice that you bring either portable flash, or studio lighting with you.  

There are a couple of plug sockets that still work in the entrance room and first main room, and i will feed some extension leads into the large back room, for people who need to use them.

There is also one plug that works at the top of the house as well, so its possible to get electricity from there to.

Within the first 30 - 45 mintues, we will go round alocating models to photographers, and it will be clearly marked on the board in the make up room, so everyone is aware of who is working with who. Once you have been assigned a model its a good opertunity to speak to them and discuss clothing ideas etc.

Once you are then working with your model, you will have anywhere up to 45 minutes, and can shoot anywhere in the house.

The 45 minute shoots between photographer and model are run on a TFP basis, so please discuss with one another the way in which the images will be exchanged, length of time they will take etc.

IMPORTANT: As the Woolton Hall Event there is a requirement that photographers send out at least 2 images to each model that they work with on the day. It is then upto you whether you would like to send more ontop of that as well.

It is  also very important that the MUA who did the models look, are sent the images as well.


This is just a bit more information about what to bring and how everything works:



You need to bring your own with you, we like to leave it up to you, we encourage everyone to bring as much as they can, anything you would like to shoot in to add to your portfolio and anything that you think would fit in well with the style of the house is really great. 

We will also bring a good selection of outfits to the event, that are available for everyone to use as well.

This is a link to some pictures of some of the outfits that are available:


The way the day works is, when you first get there you will go into hair and make up and decide on outfits and styles, while the photographers decide where to shoot, then we alocate different models to different photographers through  the day, and keep changing things around so you get a chance to work with a good selection of people. You will be able to keep coming back for any different make up looks and outfit changes as well through out the day. You will work for up to 45 minutes with each photographer, and once you are working with them its shot on a TFP basis, each photographer is told to send out at the very least 2 images (most send more), to each model they work with, you will work with at least 4-5 photographers throughout the day, so you will recieve a good selection of images that can be used on purpleport, facebook and other social media sites, for promotion.


The shoot is set up like any other TFP photoshoot, so the images you recieve can be used as and were you please, to promote yourself, so long as:

1. No direct money is made from the pictures.  

2. The images are not altered/changed from how the photographer sent them to you (unless permission is given).  

3. The apropraite credits are attached to the images at all times. 


As you walk into the house the room on your left is set up as the makeup room, and for models to get ready, once you have set up we will allocate models to you throughout the day. To start with we just ask for fairly simple make up looks, to get models out to the photographers, but as things go on you are free to be as creative as you want, especially with it being the Halloween Special, the more creative, out there and interesting, the better. You can also speak to the models and photographers, and swap ideas to fit in with certain outfits or themes that they might have. 

We ask all make up artists to take a photo of every look you produce and then send it to me over Messenger, or through hotmail, I will then send the images to everyone who attends so they know who to credit when they post the pictures around on social  media etc. The photographers are asked to send out at least 2 images to everyone they work with on the day. Once you have done a look on a model, they will then work with at least 2-3 photographers, you will do at the very least 3 looks throughout the day, which means you will get a good 15-18 images, which is brilliant for your portfolio. Also if you are on purpleport, this event is brilliant for building up references, and a wonderful way of making contacts with people you could work with in the future as well.


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Photographers      -     £30.00

Models                   -     £8.00

MUAs                     -     £5.00    (refundable deposit)

Extra person          -    £4.00

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